Praise from Jim Richardson's Satisfied Clients and Students
Comics: Taylor Mason, David Feldman, Ross Shafer, Ronn Lucas, Del Van Dyke
Speakers: Dr. Howard Hagglund, Gary "Jet" Johnson, Patricia Fripp, Danny Cox, Dr. Ben Bissel, and Allan Hurst
Former comic and speaker, turned actor: Phill Miller

Photo of Taylor Mason carrying a piano in one hand and his famous puppet Romeo in the other hand"Jim Richardson's comedy class helped me prepare and execute a comedy routine that won the $100,000 grand prize in the comedy division of Ed McMahon's Star Search TV Show."
"Jim - I really like your new stuff; looks like you're vital and professional and prepared as ever.
Way to go! I am very impressed.

TAYLOR MASON--TV: 10 times on NBC-TV's "The Today Show, and is now on-the-air network host for NBC-TV's "America's Talking" which premiered July 4th, 1994--first all-talk cable network!

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Photo of Dr. Hagglund, red background frames a microscope"Jim noted that my interactive skills were too 'school-teachery'. After two sessions with Jim, on August 3, 1996 my ratings doubled from 8.5 to 16. I beat Rush Limbaugh in the same time slot. Thanks to Jim's follow-up coaching, as of , I've beat Rush ever since. Not only that, but the same week I beat Rush for the first time, I also sold a resistant patient on an essential treatment plan. I blame Jim Richardson for both these successes!"
DR. HOWARD HAGGLUND--"Second Opinion, Please," KTOK radio, Oklahoma City.

Dr. Hagglund shares some thoughts on audio clips you can download right now by just clicking the link (you must have a sound card in your PC):

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Photo of Phill Miller blessing us as a Cardinal"I had a lot of fun. All speakers can use the stand-up techniques Jim teaches. The immediacy of the coaching by Jim and the practical hands-on teaching techniques were excellent!
Thanks to Jim's teaching, I got into stand-up comedy, and that lead into acting.
My agent sends me out on anything nearly close to what I'm qualified for. At 68, there aren't a lot of guys around that still have a fresh face for casting; so, that makes it easier for me than it is for young people who have 10 million people their age competing for jobs."
PHILL MILLER--member of National Speakers Association (NSA) and a stand-up comic--TV: twice on A&E's "Evening at the Improv," in 1996 Sprint TV commercial with Candice Bergen.
Since then, Phill has been featured on TV's "Melrose Place" and "Mad TV."
He starred in the movie short "Dating Sinatra" and has been featured in "One Night Stand," "Chow Bella" and "The Player's Club."
In 1998, Phill went on 205 auditions, winning 22.
For 1999: January 29, History Channel: "Lincoln: the Untold Story"
February ABC-TV Movie of the Week: "And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story"
One of our favorite active seniors, Phill is pictured here as a Cardinal in a TV commercial.

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Photo of David Feldman, nice guy smile to throw us off!"It's about a lot more than just writing jokes. Jim also helps you choreograph them. He's what you want: not just a coach, but a scholar and an historian. Someone who really knows the subject!"
DAVID FELDMAN--Won TV Emmies since 1995 on writing staff and co-producer for HBO's "Dennis Miller Show";
In 2007, joined writing staff of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"
Plus, he writes for HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher"
He was a writer for the popular ABC sitcom "Roseanne," HBO's "Not Necessarily the News," and the 2002 & 2003 Emmys.

He has made numerous stand-up comedy appearances on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Comedy Central, Showtime, VH1, and until he got way too old, MTV.
Feldman recently an appearance on HBO's critically acclaimed series "Curb Your Enthusiasm" starring "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David.
He starred in his own one-man show for Comedy Central.

In April 2002, Jim met up with David after his killer set at Excalibur in Las Vegas. David still blames Jim for much of his success. But he remains unsatisified. Jim asked David what he still wanted out of show business. Replied the comic extraordinaire, "The power to hurt!"

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Photo of Ross Shafer, bemused by his own thoughts

"Jim, I've got to hand it to you: it really works. What a feeling! I was able to hold one laugh for 25 seconds. Thank you."
ROSS SHAFER--TV: host of "Match Game," Fox-TV"s "The Late Show" following Arsenio Hall's and Joan Rivers' turns at the helm, Won TV Emmies. Jim coached Ross to win the 1983 Seattle Comedy Competition.

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Photo of Ronn Lucas with Ronn's famous puppet Billy the Kid "Jim is this computer of a teacher: he doesn't give a damn about your content, as long as you get your laughs. Jim, I couldn't have won the 1981 San Francisco and National Comedy Competitions broadcast on Showtime Cable TV without you!"
RONN LUCAS--TV: many times on "The Tonight Show: Starring Johnny Carson," did his own Disney Channel special.

Today, you can see Ronn performing every day Sat.-Thursday, 3pm, in his own Masquerade Showroom in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel/Casino (owned by Harrah's) where he and Jim re-united in April 2002: photo.

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Photo of Del Van Dyke, daring you not to laugh!"Jim wants you to think only of being a headliner, not just an emcee or middle act. He wants you to develop 45 minutes, organize and administrate your set. It worked for me: I've won contests and had appearances on national television. I'm now a comedy headliner!"
DEL VAN DYKE--TV: "It's Showtime at the Apollo," "MTV Half Hour Comedy Hour," "Showtime Comedy Club Network," Black Entertainment Television's "Comedy Hour," & "Comic's View," ABC's "George Schlatter's Comedy Club," A&E's "Good Time Cafe." Won: 1986 Great Northern California Comedy Competition, 1987 Spokane Comedy Competition, 1992 Alameda County Fair Comedy Competition.

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"Jim gave me additional confidence through the use of humor, timing and more disciplined preparation!"
GARY "JET" JOHNSON--National Vice President of sales for Kawasaki Motors.

Photo of a petite Patricia Fripp

"You were sensational! Absolutely valuable. As usual, Jim, a wonderful session! I can't wait to get more training with you."
PATRICIA FRIPP--past president of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and winner of the CPAE. MS. Fripp is a noted motivational speaker.

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Photo of Danny Cox, ultimate power salesman smile "Thanks a million for a real learning experience. It worked great. I got the longest standing ovation I've ever received!"
DANNY COX--NSA, 10 years an Air Force test pilot and CPAE winner. Inspires leaders of major corporations nationwide.

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Photo of Ben Bissell with mic 1990: "My improvement is dramatic. Sharper timing has added power and energy to my presentations which I had already felt were at their peak."
Updated Feb. 2009: "After I attended your helpful and fun seminar, things kept getting better for me. About three years ago, I made that goal of $10,000 a program (two hours), and reached my retirement early. "I really went back often to my notes from both your seminar and our long-distance coaching sessions. I think it was the turning point for me. "Thanks a million!"
DR. BEN BISSEL--NSA, national management consultant, works with NASA, Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, universities of North Carolina, Richmond and Virginia.

"You conduct one terrific weekend! Very professionally done. I'll be back. I know six other business people . . . this is just what they want!"
ALLAN HURST--President, Quorum, Ltd.

National Speakers Association's (NSA) highest honor, the Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE), bestowed upon an elite group of professionals that includes Ronald Reagan, Art Linkletter, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Zig Ziglar.

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