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Jim Richardson's All Day Program
"Jump-Starting Creativity for: Doctors and other Health Professionals"

Keynote Speech, 20-90 minutes:
"How Better Listening Cures Patients Faster"
Half-Day Program, 1-6 hours:
"Interactive Skills:
seducing the resistant patient into Creative Co-Operation"
Half-Day Program, 1-6 hours:
"Sound Bites that
Get Results"
Audio Clips from Jim's Talks
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
EXAMPLE: "In recent history, when has humor WON over a resistant patient?"
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Keynote (20-90 minutes):
"How Better Listening Cures Patients Faster"

Jim's client Dr. Howard Hagglund gave Jim a startling statistic:

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Photo of Dr. Hagglund in a dark suit and tie, wearing glasses, touching his forefingers together as he makes a point, red background frames a microscope"Jim noted that my interactive skills were too 'school-teachery'. After two sessions with Jim, on August 3, 1996 my ratings doubled from 8.5 to 16. I beat Rush Limbaugh in the same time slot. Thanks to Jim's follow-up coaching, as of Tuesday, 06-Jun-2023 06:35:34 PDT, I've beat Rush ever since. Not only that, but the same week I beat Rush for the first time, I also sold a resistant patient on an essential treatment plan. I blame Jim Richardson for both these successes!"
DR. HOWARD HAGGLUND--"Second Opinion, Please," KTOK radio, Oklahoma City.

Dr. Hagglund shares some thoughts on audio you can download right now by just clicking the link (you must have a sound card in your PC):

Half-Day Program (1-6 hours):
"Interactive Skills: seducing the resistant patient into Creative Co-Operation"

Most doctor, psychiatrists, nurses and other medical staff. . . leave medical school ill prepared to slug it out in the public arena of practical medicine.
Now the need for preparation in interactive skills has been escalated.
Patients no longer get all their medical advice just from doctors.

What skills have suddenly become necessary to WIN patients trust in the information age?
Answer: anything and everything that can help you get and maintain "high visibility"!
Even the most talented surgeon now needs more:

So you can flesh out your physical examinations by packing your punches with HUMOR

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Half-Day Program (1-6 hours):
"Sound Bites that Get Results"

What, specifically, is a sound bite?

sound bite/'saond bait/noun;
A short, pithy extract used for maximum punchiness;
also, a one-liner.
First appeared in print in the early eighties
. . . public will not follow more than a few seconds of speech.
"Anything more than that and you're losing them."
Washington Post 22 June 1980.
--The Oxford Dictionary of New Words

How can sound bites help win over your patients? They are crucial:
  • How to add the warmth that wins over patients: the long-lost art of "making love" to your audience, world-class bedside manner than creates trust.

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    Audio Clips from Jim's Talks

    Jim will be updating this section constantly from his current speeches, beginning Tuesday, 06-Jun-2023 06:35:34 PDT.
    If you would like to listen to Jim's newest audio clips right here on this web page, just as soon as they are available, then please get on Jim's e-mail list at:

    Jim's brochure, audio and video demo tape are available upon request.

    These two audio clips are from Jim's talk to the Menlo Park Rotary Club in Menlo Park, California. Jim adds some notes to supplement each audio clip to help the reader better follow Jim's argument:

    "How Better Listening Cures Patients Faster"

    How patients see the doctor during their examination
    (audio 488 K ".wave" file, playing time: 1 minutes, 52 seconds)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: "In recent history, when has humor WON over a resistant patient?"
    A: To read and hear the man's own words, we provide
    Dr. Howard Hagglund's testimonial to the effectiveness of Jim's techniques.

    Q: "Jim, why don't you just write me some jokes, and let it go at that?"
    A: It's more about teaching you a way of thinking than just handing you a few one-liners. Typically, patients can see a joke coming unless you have the technique to slip it in at the right time. When they see it coming, that can create distrust, undermining the whole purpose of telling a joke in the first place.

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