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Jim Richardson's All Day Program: "Jump-Starting Creativity for: Salesmen"

Keynote Speech, 20-90 minutes:
"How Humor WINS Customers"
Half-Day Program,
1-6 hours:
"Interactive Skills:
seducing people into
creative co-operation"
Half-Day Program,
1-6 hours:
"Closing every sale with a
memorable punch"
Half-Day Program, 1-6 hours:
"Multimedia and the Internet:
Sales lanes of the near future"
Jim complements your formal sales training
Audio Clips from Jim's Talks
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EXAMPLE: "What do all audiences have in common that I need to know in order to sell more product faster?"
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Keynote (20-90 minutes):
"How Humor WINS Customers"

Born into a family of three ad men and a corporate executive, Jim Richardson has been coaching the greatest salespersons of this era for over thirty years.
People whose only product is ideas:
actors, stand-up comics, business keynote speakers.
If you need to move product, you will want to master these techniques that Jim offers.
Begin by rooting out those deadly speaking techniques that make your listeners involuntarily turn a deaf ear to your message.

When people laugh at your humor, they are involuntarily agreeing with your message

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Half-Day Program (1-6 hours):
"Interactive Skills:
seducing people into
creative co-operation"

Most salesmen fail to maximize their interactive skills.
  • Accomplish your objectives: get what you want now!
  • How to make every negotiation a WIN!

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    Half-Day Program (1-6 hours):
    "Closing every sale with a memorable punch"

    If you don't want to think of a memorable but very short line of poetry as being "a joke, an advertising slogan, a jingle or a sound bite," ok.
    In your head, you can be using academic, lofty language to filter Jim's nuts and bolts description.
    Why not? It's there.
    Call them "pithy statements."
    Tell your customers when the lines you are quoting are from your actual life experience
    Why not?
    Let them get to know you: be a star! All our stories are full of pithy statements. That's why people can't help themselves: they've been quoting their own great lines for years.
    Jim will meet you half-way.
    Something rashly rebellious in Jim makes him want to call them sound bites.
    Mostly because it exposes the TV news commentators who hypocritically pretend they would never use sound bites. In fact, such denial is one of their favorite sound bites.
    But enough of irony.
    What, specifically, is a sound bite?

    sound bite/'saond bait/noun;
    A short, pithy extract used for maximum punchiness;
    also, a one-liner.
    First appeared in print in the early eighties
    . . . public will not follow more than a few seconds of speech.
    "Anything more than that and you're losing them."
    Washington Post 22 June 1980.
    --The Oxford Dictionary of New Words

    How can sound bites help close each and every one of your sales?
    Sound bites are crucial:
    • Tired of all those endless back-biting sales meetings you have to attend? Often they are worse than the worst speech you have ever heard. Be honest: how many times did you just want to get them over fast, fast, fast?
      • Try sound bite messages that burn
      • Get your message across in under 12 seconds
        • Full comprehension forces listeners into immediate action: deciding on the right product
        • Control:
          • how your customer will order his priorities
          • how your customer perceives your character
          • what action your customer must take next

    On the world wide web's superhighway, the future is NOW, and information is POWER

    • Open up your store on Main Street in the global village
    • The fastest way that your web site can grab the world's limited attention span?
      • Sound bites
      • Score major points on the universal fast track of the "Information Age"
      • The most memorable sound bites use HUMOR

    Jim will show you how to add the warmth that wins over listeners: the long-lost art of "making love" to your audience

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    Half-Day Program (1-6 hours):
    "Multimedia and the Internet:
    Sales lanes of near the future"

    Do you have trouble remembering the closing lines you planned for your sale?
    OK: let's solve the problem by raising the stakes instead of feeding you same ol', same ol'.

    Salesmen with densely packed messages will be sought-after performers in the ideal format to exploit the upcoming Information Age:

    • Internet bandwidth problems will be licked between the middle and end of this year by the Universal Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)
    ADSL will deliver to consumers high-speed modem communication over existing copper phone wires . . . to give access to data, video services and the Internet at speeds up to 150 times greater than 56-kilobit-per-second modems.
    ADSL achieves this throughput by carrying data traffic outside the voice band. Customers can still use their existing analog telephones and simultaneously use the "always on" high speed connection to the Internet, corporate networks or multimedia services.
    [ADSL connections give customers a constant link to the Internet by eliminating the waiting time required by modems to dial up and connect to the network and thereby provide near-instantaneous retrieval of information from Web sites. . . . A universal standard for worldwide deployment is currently being developed by] AMD and other PC industry leaders such as Microsoft, Compaq, Intel, . . . and communication leaders, including Ameritech, Bel Atlantic, BellSouth, GTE, SBC Communications, Sprint, U.S. West, Alcatel, Ascend, Ericsson, Lucent, Nortel and Siemens. . . .
    Full-rate ADSL rollouts are already underway by several Internet Service Providers.
    --Compiled from two articles:
    • Denver, Colorado, Reuters, January 29, 1998
    • Austin, Texas, Business Wire, February 25, 1998

    So, whether the final solution is the fiber optic cable that is scheduled to be laid throughout Jim's Sonoma County by summer's end, satellite or ADSL, very-very-very soon every home will have download speeds somewhere between that of the T1 and T3 lines currently only financially practical for corporate America
    • Soon on the heels of this evolution will be the power to upload and download video files that can finally achieve the elusive 30 frames/second speed necessary to avoid jerkiness
      • Overnight, every home will become its own television station broadcasting to the world market
      • Considering how fragmented the TV viewing audience has been made by the existence of 30-plus cable stations, imagine the competing demands millions of TV stations will create for high visibility!
      • On-the-air time will be at its highest premium yet, an advertiser's nightmare!
      • Customers will demand and get businesses to make multi- media versions of their sales pitches, accessible 24 hours a day from the Internet--but of a quality far beyond the simple brochures now available: to connect with your customers, they will want to see YOU ACTING believably in these commercials
    • Customers will demand and get personal one-on-one targeted service, if and when they desire same
    • Customers will demand and get those few salesmen who can match the requirements of the new times
    • Those salesmen who refuse to adjust will find their careers have the same meager value as old computers and the materials gathered from closed salesrooms everywhere: all will be useful only as landfill!
    • In the new Information Age, Salesmen -- like everyone else the world over -- must learn or die!

    Jim has not only seen this new sales module coming way ahead of time, he has lived it with his students, his clients and in his own presentations. Jim is in an unique position to:

    • Share his knowledge and help prepare you for the demands of POWER SALESMANSHIP
    • Warn you of common pitfalls by showing you breaks in the railing where careers have fallen into the deep canyons of despair
    • Use his theater-comedy-speaker coach's "third eye" to help you see the things about yourself you can't see, anymore than an actor can see his own performance as it unfolds before the audience:
      • discover your strengths
      • identify and immediately begin the long process of shoring up your weaknesses
    In the era of choose or lose, your best guide is Jim Richardson

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    Jim complements your formal sales training

    Years of training actors, stand-up comics and business speakers in motivational analysis has sharpened Jim's intuitive edge.
    While you are trying to figure out the metaphor to employ in your next sales presentation, Jim will focus his attention on the sensibilities of the customer.

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    Audio Clips from Jim's Talks

    Jim will be updating this section constantly from his current speeches, beginning Tuesday, 06-Jun-2023 05:50:25 PDT.
    If you would like to listen to Jim's newest audio clips right here on this web page, just as soon as they are available, then please get on Jim's e-mail list at:

    Jim's brochure, audio and video demo tape are available upon request.

    These two audio clips are from Jim's talk to the Menlo Park Rotary Club in Menlo Park, California. Jim adds some notes to supplement each audio clip to help the reader better follow Jim's argument:

    1. Jim how to use humor to:
      • Keep your job
      • Survive bad dates
      • Get children to automatically agree with your point-of-view

      "Bosses, Dates and New Moms"

      Are you starting to feel the pressure from resistant prospects, starting to get burned out?
      Stress is often caused when we are pulled in too many directions at once. Like trying to hold back a team of wild horses who are all going off in different directions.
      Jim's techniques help you regain control, get those horses pulling in the same direction.
      Thinking metaphorically, you can use all the techniques Jim talks about on this audio clip; today, begin to:
      • compel your prospects to close fast
      • prepare for the demands of future Internet salesmanship, new ways to mine for clients
      • get people in your personal life to agree with you
      Do it right, and they will have no choice.
      Now, that's power!
      (Look, just because you're salesmen doesn't mean you should use this information irresponsibly.)

      Thinking humorously to convince everyone you are right!
      (audio 422 K ".wave" file, playing time: 1 minutes, 46 seconds)

    2. Audio clip begins in mid-discussion, Jim proving to the audience that the number one complaint about doctors: "Doctors don't listen!"

      "How Better Listening Cures Patients Faster"

      The first step in getting folks to come around to your way of thinking is getting them to trust you as much as they trust their family doctor.
      (Assuming your family doctor is trustworthy.)
      How patients see the doctor during their examination
      is the same way students and professors initially see you
      (audio 488 K ".wave" file, playing time: 1 minutes, 52 seconds)

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q:"What do all audiences have in common that I need to know in order to sell more product faster?"
      A: Lack of acknowledgment. People want to know when they've done something right, accidentally on purpose. Emotional reinforcement is the greatest seller of all.
      Jim can show you how to capitalize on those rare moments when the customer admits he really sees the value of your product.

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