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Jim Richardson's Sample Promotion: your 2012 event can be here!!!

Photo by Rosemary Caruso, Associated Press

"Take Control of Your Destiny"
Toastmasters International District 4 Conference
Embassy Suites
1441 Canyon Del Rey Blvd.
Seaside, California
Jim has been working professionally:
* in the theater since 1967 (more than 40 years!)
* began working with stand-up comics in 1977 through his company
ORGANIZED COMEDY and 1980-1983, taught the first Stand-Up Comedy course for credit at a university in the USA at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California, one hour north of San Francisco.
* In 1988, Jim began working with professional speakers who were already good and, as one put it, "made us great!"
* By 1996, even politicians began contacting Jim to help out with their presentation and interview skills during that year's elections.
Jim's Successful Clients
Jim's students and clients have won every major Stand-Up Comedy Competition in the country, including Taylor Mason who won the grand prize on Ed McMahon's 1991 "Star Search" TV show:
These excellent comics have gone on to write for, co-produce and host national TV shows and WON many, many TV Emmies, including David Feldman who has Won TV Emmies since 1995 on the writing staff of HBO's "Dennis Miller Show."
Beginning in January 1998, David also co-produced the "Dennis Miller Live! "
Plus, he also wrote for HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."
Jim will be presenting selections from his keynote speeches and day-long training programs.

Keynote Speech(20-90 minutes):
Turn Your Business into a Community
"How to Lighten Things Up"
Laugh, and we are vocally agreeing why the joke is funny:
* HUMOR communicates faster: reduces complex statements to short, pithy sound bites
* HUMOR punches your points--be remembered "for all time!"
* HUMOR: how not to take yourself too seriously during serious times
* HUMOR: 7 ways to avoid chronic burn-out
* HUMOR smashes through hidden agendas
* HUMOR relaxes both the teller and the listener
* HUMOR creates a like-minded community

Now that every home and office can become it's own TV studio,
densely packed messages are ideal for today's 21st Century Information Age: social networking, on demand video downloads, etc.

Communicate faster, and complete the year 2012 as
Half-Day Program (1-6 hours):
"Making the Audience Like You a Lot"
Jim has produced plays and stand-up comedy shows under conditions ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.
For over 40 years, without fail, every audience prays that the next act will be a sensation. Think of your own experience: have you ever hoped the next act will die a miserable death? Of course not. Why would you want to sit through their torture!
* Even in our fragmented society, there are multiple examples of archetypes that are still likable
* Interactive exercises let you in assume heroic characters as dynamic role models
* Physical and verbal handshakes that connect you to people's souls, deep down where they really live
* Seduce your listeners into creative co-operation

For more information on Jim Richardson and his unique approach to public speaking, visit:

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