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Please take one last look at this Program Request Form to make sure that you have given Jim all the information Jim needs to contact you, then check here to confirm your request: correct

Thank you for the opportunity to soon be discussing your program.

Jim's brochure, audio and video demo tape are available upon request.

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In this simple type of program, you will not receive an instant confirmation message. Please, don't freak out and keep sending your form over-and-over-again.

This program is supported by most major browsers. But, if you haven't received a confirmation e-mail back from Jim within two days, then please bug Jim by e-mail at: jim@jimrichardson.com or phone Jim at: 415-505-1381.

After pausing long enough for the form to go through, you can clear the form by pressing:

You can also print this form, check to make sure that all blanks printed out,
and then mail it to Jim at:

Jim Richardson
P.O. Box 992
Mill Valley, CA 94942-0992

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